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MicroGic Electronics Ltd Specializes in design of all kind of Hardware, from regular consumer designs to military and heavy-duty designs.

These services enable the customer to build his product's with peace of mind and low risk,
that can help him sustain top of the line product's.

The below list summarizes the variety of services offered by MicroGic in the field of Hardware  and consulting:

  • Evaluation & characterization systems of CMOS imager modules
  • Generic testing boards for test chip circuits of Infra-Red sensors
  • Probe cards for testing wafers on Agilent and Teradyne testers
  • Adaptors for various data streaming protocols
  • Advanced packaging solutions for CMOS imagers
  • Demo cards for CMOS imagers
  • Sockets for chip-on-board (COB) modules
  • Night & Day Infra-Red low-noise & low power & ultra-small size camera engines
  • Medical equipment that can be connected to regular systems.